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KnockSpy v1.11
ZROM Firmware Assembler v1.0
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KnockSpy is a software tool for monitoring the ignition timing and knock control system of the Nissan 300zx over the CONSULT diagnostic port. KnockSpy also features standard CONSULT data logging, graphing and gauge display compatible with any CONSULT capable vehicle, available for free in the Trial version.

  • Datalogger with map trace logging
  • Log file player with looping, time-stepping and adjustable playback rate for slow-motion and fast-forward
  • Data graphs with zooming, drag-scrolling and playback position cursor
  • Gauges with peak value display
  • ROM Maps with realtime map tracing
  • High-precision 8.8 Fixed Point ECU variables
  • High definition dynamic vector-based user interface
  • Simulataneous log file playback and live data streaming, easily switch between the two
  • Enhanced Mode for extended functionality with ZROM ECU upgrades
  • Free software trial with support for standard CONSULT logging (map tracing and extended parameters are disabled in the trial version)
  • Hassle-free online licensing and activation
  • Consult Active Tests
  • ECU Error code reset and live monitoring

Standard log variables (any CONSULT compatible vehicle)
  • RPM, Vehicle Speed, Throttle Position, Ignition Timing, Coolant Temperature, Fuel Temperature, MAF Voltage, Battery Voltage
  • VTC, PRVR, AIV, EGR, IACV/FICD, Neutral Switch, Idle Switch, Start Signal, Fan-LO, Fan-HI, AirCon

Extended log variables (8-bit Z32 only)
  • Engine Load (TP), Knock Timing, Knock Timing Regions (A,B,C)
  • High/Low Octane Mode, Knock Sensor Failsafe Mode

Supported ECU ROM maps with tracing (8-bit Z32 only)
  • Ignition Maps
  • Knock Timing Retard Limit Maps
  • Knock Advance Limits Tables
  • Per-Cylinder Knock Thresholds

Supported ECU ROM constants (8-bit Z32 only)
  • Injector K Constant
  • Knock Advance Rate (amount ignition timing is increased every 100ms)
  • Knock Retard Rate (amount ignition timing is decreased per knocking cylinder)
  • High to Low Octane switch-over limit
  • Low to High Octane switch-over limit
  • Knock Region A to B switchover RPM
  • Knock Regions A, B Weightings
  • Knock Region C minimum TP
  • Knock Region C minimum RPM

Operating System Compatibility
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating systems.

1080p video demonstrating log playback in the KnockSpy GUI

KnockSpy Revision History

  • Additional Z32 ECU types supported
  • Consult Active Tests
  • ECU DTC Error Code Read, Live Monitor and Clear
  • Public beta release