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KnockSpy v1.11
ZROM Firmware Assembler v1.0

The ZROM Firmware Assembler is an integrated development environment (IDE) for modifying the firmware in Nissan engine control units (ECUs) based on the Hitachi HD6303 microcontroller, such as the Z32 300zx and R32 Skyline GTR. This tool represents an entirely new way of custom ECU tuning – by working directly with the microcontroller source code. By modifying the firmware, OEM control algorithms can be altered and entirely new functionality can be added to stock ECUs, such as launch control or water/methanol injection. The source code files are reverse engineered from OEM ECU binaries and contain all the program code and data necessary to build new OEM compatible EPROM .bin files.

  • Source code text editor with integrated Hitachi HD6303 assembler
  • Output window for errors and status messages from the assembler
  • Symbol navigator with cross-referencing
  • Ostrich v1.0 and v2.0 ROM emulator support
  • Standard 32kb EPROM .bin file output
  • Source code files available for VG30DE, VG30DETT, RB26DETT engines

Please contact us by email to inquire about availability.